Article - Match 3 Muqami vs Islamabd
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Match 3 Muqami vs Islamabd

Muhammad Saif Ullah Saleem (

Match 3 Muqami vs Islamabd

Muqami vs Islamabad
On June 26th the Match was played between these two teams, leading from the front from Muqami was Ataul Faheem and From Islamabad was Mudasser Dogar. Muqami Won the toss and elected to Bat first. Bilal Muhammad Jr the youngest player in KCL he is just 16 years of age and played a very solid innings to give a platform for the coming batsman to build upon. With the help of 2 fours and 1 six he managed to score 32 runs and was dismissed by the captain of Islamabad. After departure of Bilal Abdul Munaf showed his talent and facing the first ball of KCL he scored a cracking four towards third man. He scored 14 runs in this first over he faced. With his quick scored he managed to score 22runs of 13 balls. Fareed Ur Rehman was the next batsman in who showed a magnificent striking end and scored the 2nd highest score in Muqami of 29 runs of just 12 balls with the help of 2 sixes and 3 fours. With a target of 158 runs to chase Islamabad seems tough, but with their batting lineup it was expected to be chased down in 20 overs.
We were expecting a fighting match, the second innings began with Mr. Tahir Ahmad holding the ball faced by Muhammad Amir from Islamabad. He got Mr. Amir golden duck on his first ball caught by Bilal Muhammad Jr. Mr. Ahmad took in total 5 wickets taking 3 wickets in this first 2 overs. Sending the top order batsman back to the pavilion under 10 runs. In his 4 over spell he took down (Muhamamd Amir, Khurram Goraya,Saghir Mahmood, Sohaib Ahmad and Shahid Ahmad). He is one of the fastest bowler in London. Joining Mr Ahmad was Asad Buttar, he equally took down the batsman from the other end. He too was bowling equally with accuracy and precision. He bowled his second over with 2 wickets and a maiden over. This took Mr. Buttar on top of the league among best bowling figure. By the end of 8th over Islamabad was thrashed by Muqami taking down 9 wickets by 2 bowlers and restricting to 35 runs. Islamabad was all out for 40 runs and giving Muqami a comfortable lead of 116 runs in their opening Match.
Mr. Tahir Ahmad was decided as Man of the Match with figures as 4 Overs 0 Maiden 29 Runs 5 Wickets with a 7.25 Economy.

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