Article - Match 4 Baitul Ehsan vs Baitun Noor
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Match 4 Baitul Ehsan vs Baitun Noor

Muhammad Saif Ullah Saleem (

Match 4 Baitul Ehsan vs Baitun Noor

Baitul Ehsan vs Baitun Noor
On June 27th the Match was played between these two teams, leading from the front from Baitul Ehsan (previously known as Tahir Region) was Waseem Ahmad and From Baitun Noor was Ajaz Ahmad.
Baitul Ehsan was playing with 9 players as their players did not showup which was a disappointment and was a extra pressure on their Captain. They won the toss and elected to bat, but soon early wickets from Mr. Shahid Ahmad in his opening over giving Baitun Noor a upper hand and taking down Usman Tahir and Azahar Ahmed. Next over Ajaz Ahmad took the opposition captain Mr Waseem on his last ball by a passionate appeal. Tahir region was shattered in the opening spell and went inside the shell. Mr. Imran Qaiser who was on the pitch from the first ball stepped up and with the help of Hameed Malik buildup a solid partnership 47 runs. Baitun Noor had a breakthrough in the 13th over by Mr. Adil Shahazad sending Mr. Qaiser back to pavilion by a magnificent catch by wicketkeeper Mr. Ata ul Fareed Babar. Baitul Ehsan survived 18 overs without 2 players. They faught well, but the match was still not over yet.
Baitun Noor Captain agreed to provide 2 extra fielders to Baitul Ehsan and showed a great sportsmanship and brotherhood and continued with the match. Baitun Noor needed only 101 runs to win the 2 points.
Baitul Ehsan took an aggressive approach from the beginning and used their combination of Fast and spin attach, as Mr. Waseem (captain) was injured and was unable to ball in the match they still managed to restrict Baitun Noor. Mr. Hameed Malik took down Zahid Minahas as he was getting comfortable on the pitch. Leaving only 73runs behind in 90 balls and 9 wickets in hand. Usman Tahir took 2 wickets in the same over with sending Mr. Rafay Ahamd and Mr. Hammad Butt.
Baitun Noor was struggling at this point when after 10 overs Baitul Ehsan restricted them to only 50 runs with the loss of 6 wickets. Baitun Noor came to bat with an idea of a comfortable win but Baitul Ehsan kept the excitement and kept Baitun Noor under pressure. After the dismissal of Captain Mr. Ajaz Ahmad, Mr. Rehman Syed and Ataul Fareed Babar took the match and scored 51 runs partnership and finished the match and winning by 4 wickets.  With a batting performance by Rehman Syed he was awarded with a man of the match.
Mr. Rehman Syed was decided as Man of the Match for his batting performance in a crucial time when the team needed the most. Scoring 28 Runs of 25 balls with the help of 5 fours and strike rate of 112.00 only.

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